Farm Safety

The Cherry Grove Rec & Ag Society is committed to ensuring the safety of our community and its farmers. To that end, please watch our videos on tractor safety, horse safety, gun safety, and mental health on the farm.

Tractor Safety:

  • Personal protective gear
  • Pre-trip inspection
  • Three point contact when mounting equipment
  • Post trip
  • Grounding of implements

Horse Safety:

Covers topics such as how to tie up a horse, safe approach, checking overall health, checking hooves, grooming, ointment for small wounds, and putting on a saddle.

Gun/Firearm safety on the farm:

Konrad Moyer talks about the safe use of firearms. Covers the actions of various types of firearms found on a typical ranch, safety features, Do’s and Don’ts, licensing, and safe transport.

Mental health on the farm:

Konrad Moyer is joined by Whitney Huckstep to talk about mental health on the farm. Covers some of the additional stresses of farm life, depression, anxiety and warning signs to look out for. Also talks about some coping mechanisms, stress management and seeking help.